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Domark Ltd., 1984

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Terjesztés: Kereskedelmi forgalomban
Szerző(k): Andromeda Software
Eredeti ár: 15 GBP

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Andromeda Software - press BREAK in one of the Adventures for a list of the programmers. The storylines were written by Ian Livingstone, author of several Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

1984 (released on 31 October)

A set of five nice adventure games with rudimentary sound and graphics, each prefaced by an appalling 'arcade' section.

The usual adventure commands, though in general abbreviations are not accepted. The exceptions are those listed in the instructions together with M for MAKE, A for ATTACK and G for GO.

Note that LOOK has the nonstandard function of giving a list of items in your location, and R stands for REPEAT rather than REDESCRIBE. Q or ? fulfil this role. There is no command to list the exits from a location.

[Back of accompanying A5 booklet]

Truly you have found it! The most exciting and innovative combination of an advanced microcomputer epic and perplexing riddles ever devised!

The objective of Eureka! is to find the secret code and United Kingdom telephone number hidden in this unique combination of computer Adventures, riddles and illustrations. Clues in the Adventures lead to the riddles; hints in the riddles lead back to the Adventures; both help to find the meaning of the illustrations. Gradually you piece the puzzle together. When it suddenly falls into place - you know the answer - the question is "Are you the first to dial the secret telephone number and quote the secret code"?

[Text of 20-page booklet]
By Ian Livingstone

250 K of pure mystery

[photo] Ian Livingstone

It was an interesting problem. Design a five part time race Adventure game linked by Arcade action, add a booklet with cryptic clues and dramatic art, offer a GBP25,000 prize and journey to Hungary to program in secrecy. But now it's done and the race is on. When Archimedes uttered his famous cry in the 3rd century BC, little did he know that many years later, thousands of people would desire the same triumph of discovery. However, when somebody once again yells "I've found it!" the reward will be somewhat greater than an overflowing bath. I wish you all the best of luck in your hunt for the Talisman.

Ian Livingstone


The Temporal Talisman is an ancient artifact found on the Moon by the Apollo XVII mission, but whose existence was a closely guarded secret. The Talisman, a cube of crystal 15" on each side resisted all attempts at analysis until it was subjected to the intense beams of the SHIVA Fusion Project lasers. The Talisman shattered under the beams and each of its corners vanished.

Three of the missing pieces were found several days later - one in Australia, one in Greenland and the last in Outer Mongolia. In each case the pieces were traced by the peculiar radio frequencies they emit - but the other five are still missing. Coincidentally, a series of strong moonquakes have racked the Moon.

Noted physicist, Dr. Abdul Majid, believes that these quakes resulted from the damage to the Talisman and that in time the Moon will disintegrate, sending thousands of massive meteorites crashing into the Earth! This disaster can only be averted by piecing the Talisman back together. Only a few months remain before this happens and the World is destroyed.

Dr. Majid has convinced NASA of this, and that he knows where the missing pieces are. Each piece was catapulted into Time and has been traced:

* One in Prehistoric Europe
* One in Roman Italy
* One in Arthurian Britain
* One in Wartime Germany
* One in the Modern Caribbean

With the help of an experimental device, The Chonetran, NASA will send you back in time to retrieve the first piece. When this is done, the mixing of the force fields should catapult the piece to the present whilst you pass through The Void in search of the next piece.

Should you fail to find any piece of the Talisman you may be trapped in that epoch forever!

To complicate matters further, signals from the Talisman detected in the Modern Caribbean have ceased. The British Prime Minister has received a ransom note from Dr. Hugo Von Berg demanding that unless he becomes Emperor of the Earth he will not release the last piece of the Talisman. You must stop him, retrieve the last corner of the Talisman and ring the secret telephone Hotline to the British Prime Minister to say that you have saved the World!



A short Arcade game precedes each Adventure and must be attempted. The object of the Arcade game is to collect all the flashing objects and return them to base. You pick up objects and drop them by pressing the 'fire' button on your joystick (for keyboard controls see page 18 [HELPFUL HINTS FOR HARASSED HEROES]).

Each time this is done, a flashing exit point appears on the screen. If you wish to leave the Arcade game and go into the Adventure do not press the 'fire' button until you manoeuvre yourself into the flashing exit point. Then press Play on tape again to continue loading without turning off your computer. If you wish to continue the game, then pressing the 'fire' button gives you further objects to pick up. The number of objects to be picked up is shown on the screen.

The Arcade game helps to increase your VIGOUR in the Adventure if you score over 25,000 points. Every 500 points beyond this gives you one extra VIGOUR point up to a maximum of 100. Therefore 50,000 points scored on the Arcade will yield a VIGOUR level of 100. If you leave the Arcade game before this you will have an automatic VIGOUR level of 50 in the Adventure.

Avoid hitting your enemies head-on but catch them from behind, and your energy will increase.


There are five Adventures in all. The first four can be attempted independently, the fifth only by giving the correct answers to a series of questions about the previous four.

The games, with corresponding chapters in this booklet are:

One- Prehistoric Man, in which you must cross jungles, swamps, deserts and mountains; fight monsters, trade with Neanderthals and, eventually, find and steal the Talisman.

Two- The Romans, in which you might become a galley slave; take part in a Roman orgy; escape from a leper colony and time permitting, grab the Talisman.

Three - Arthurian Britain, in which you will find yourself trying to outwit magicians; avoid jousting, and helping King Arthur and yourself in the quest for the Holy Grail and Talisman.

Four- Colditz, in which you must find the Talisman and escape from this notorious Prisoner Of War camp in Eastern Germany.

Five- The Modern Caribbean, in which you will finally meet your arch rival, the evil Count Hugo Von Berg, who is holding the world to ransom. Can you take the Talisman, ring the secret telephone number and save mankind?


Your VIGOUR level at any point in the Adventure will determine whether or not it is advisable to fight an opponent. COMBAT occurs frequently in every Adventure. Sometimes you are attacked and must fight or run. At others you may initiate the combat, if you feel confident, by typing HIT or its synonym. You can keep track of your own VIGOUR level but can only guess at your opponents - be careful!!

Weapons or some form of protection will improve your chances of survival during each Adventure so use I or INVENTORY to find out what you are carrying at any time. You may also want to know more about a location before deciding what to do, so type L or LOOK.

In any case, try H or HELP if you get really stuck - it may or may not prove helpful!

Above all else - remember the GOLDEN RULES OF ADVENTURING;



This booklet contains five chapters corresponding to each Adventure and a sixth which tells you how to find the hidden Eureka! code and telephone number.

Each chapter has a riddle and an illustration. The clue in the illustration can only be deciphered with the aid of the riddle and Adventure. The clue in the riddle can only be solved with the aid of the illustration and Adventure. The riddle and illustration will help you to complete the Adventure.

Each of the first five chapters will yield clues which are needed in order to complete chapter six and find the solution to Eureka!. A few hints may help:

* Study every chapter of the booklet before starting the Adventure since each riddle, illustration and Adventure is interlinked.
* Ignore absolutely nothing in the riddles or illustrations - but watch out for red herrings.
* You need not be an expert to solve Eureka!
Just remember:-
* Understand what you read.
* Look at what you see.
* Remember what you've done.

If you think you have the answer - dial the number and give us the secret code - Good Luck!

[There are colourful illustrations accompanying each of the six chapters.]

[Around the border are the numbers 18, 15, 25, 7, 2, 9, 23 and 1.]


Tie the needful Knots that bind,
Present man with ancient kind,
And rescue from a dreadful death,
Evil lizards in rock cleft.

Seek that which in bygone days,
Is the terror of the ways,
Through steaming swamp or arid plain,
Fear its roaring - fear its name.

Fight with every fibre tense,
Though the truth may make no sense,
When even patterns seem unsure,
Despite they hold the head secure,
And smooth the cluttered lines on
furrowed brow.



"From two old chariots and nag,
Take eight sandals in a bag,
Add two live chickens then arrange,
To take your winnings for a change."

Thus, the old witch speaks to you,
As she stirs her dreadful brew,
Amidst the ancient slums of Rome,
In the hovel she calls home.

Another calls in cracked voice harsh,
"Beware the Ides - the Ides of March"
Three times you hear his doom laid cries,
As Rome you see through jaundiced eyes.

Which searching - seek to find what all,
Might expect in splendid, statued hall,
To represent, at least in symbol set,
A reunited searcher and his pet.

[Around the border is the verse: Why do you think so little can
be said / About the bloody colour which has led / To dominate
in numbered fold / The chalice and its precious contents cold]


Let nothing in this magic misty maze,
Of mighty heroes clad in honours blaze,
Occasion you to blindly fail to see,
Kindness in disguise - can never be!

Take what is used to make a clip or clop,
However odd the tree that might thus drop,
English versions at this time or place,
Sound effects to help you win the race?

You may observe - indeed I'm sure you will,
Mountains, in a distant landscape - still,
Beneath a blue and somehow empty sky,
Ordained it seems to crumble soon and die.

Like that old man who stands in pointed hat,
Intensely watching - willing that,
Silence, when it comes, will favour white,
Negating thus the doom of coming night.

One lonely ancient wizard priest,
The magic sword's protector at the feast,
The holder of the keys where first and last,
Can sometimes be reversed in ancient tales -
whilst simple minds are trapped in glories past.



In this fearful, jackboot dominated land,
Of wartime Europe, terrorised by iron hand,
Escape from fortress Colditz - in the night,
Disguised as best you can - in frantic flight.

Avoid, if you would live, that battle zone,
Where manic orders clog the waves
of radio and telephone,
Yet pass with ease through faded canvas top,
Before, in fear and trepidation, you must stop.

Beside the portrait of a very horrid man,
Concealing, you might think, a Talisman,
But really matching, in one small and early part,
The bunker's echoed call - at which you start!



You seek him here, you seek him there,
The mad Von Berg seems everywhere,
Until, at last, you find the place,
Where you will meet him - face to face!

To tear from out his evil grasp,
The Talisman which will at last,
Reform The Crystal - save The World,
From the doom of Time unfurled.

Now, deep within this palm clad place,
With weapon aimed Von Berg awaits,
Full knowing he can score the point,
In front or back, in head or joint.

Whilst you must search, in terror trapped,
For coins in Orientals wrapped,
And even precious jewels, like pearls,
Whose radiant settings have saved worlds.

Until, unplanned, you meet the Metachron,
Knowing that in time Von Berg's last bomb,
Will end your quest for Talisman and code,
Should you forget the silver steed you rode.



Combine the five that you have found,
In such a way that all around,
Will, upon the sighting, cry,
"This is the one - the one to try".

Follow then your chosen course,
To the riddle's exact source,
There - find within it's [sic] proper base,
Eureka's code - it's hidden place.

And, what you need to find the key,
To break the code and numbers free,
There's three of each, ignoring one,
That are unique, when all is done.

Which, complimented from the end,
Will fill the blanks that thus attend,
The laying out, as is the norm
Of what is found in picture form.

To give the numbers which you seek,
To claim at last, if first you speak,
That code which we so wish to hear,
That code which we have buried here!



These may be played with joystick or keyboard. In case you want to use the keyboard version here are the appropriate commands:-

SPECTRUM 48K[Commodore 64 keys also given]
0 Pick-up, Fire, deposit objects or exit
6 Left
7 Right
8 Down
9 Up

When you wish to leave the Arcade, do not press Fire before reaching the exit, otherwise you will start again!

Since much of the Eureka! Adventures must be played in "real time", we have provided a comprehensive range of single key functions to reduce keyboard time. These are:-

SPECTRUM 48K[Commodore 64 controls also given]
T Takes specified items at a location, eg T FLINT or T ALL.
R Repeats previous command eg HIT MAN used in combat.
Q or ? Repeats description of location or situation.
% Gives your % completed so far
@ Music on/off
L Lists all items available at this location (LOOK)
H Help -
I Inventory - lists your possessions

Directions may be given by using the first letter of the word eg
E = East, W = West, U = Up, D = Down, O = Out etc. Note - you must use IN or Enter rather than an abbreviation.


The Directors of Domark gratefully acknowledge the help of the following in creating the Eureka! phenomenon:

Dominic Wheatley Mark Strachan Ian Livingstone
Mark Strachan Dominic Wheatley
Stephen Byrne David Bishop
Ian Livingstone

Stephen Byrne Commodore 64 Spectrum 48K
Ian Livingstone Andras Csaszar Donat Kiss

Due to the immense size and complexity of this game it is impossible to guarantee that it will ever be completely error free.

A great deal of time has been spent testing this program to ensure it will behave as described within these instructions.

Do tell us if you have any comments on Eureka!

The worldwide copyright for this booklet and complete program belong to Domark Limited, 228 Munster Road, London SW6, England.

[end of booklet]

Asking for HELP in the storeroom in Wartime Germany moves you directly to the town location ('Somewhere in Germany').

The answers to the questions at the start of the fifth adventure are: MEEP MEEP, NERO, MORDRED, ANVIL CHORUS. However, you can avoid them by pressing BREAK, which brings up the programmers' credits and then starts the game.


Your Spectrum (issue 10, Dec 84/Jan 85, p.66): "...well worth the investment."


Domark offered a 25,000 pound prize to the first person to solve the adventures and ring the telephone number revealed. The competition was open between the game's release on 31 October 1984 and 31 December 1985.

The game was advertised with an offer of 7 pounds off the price of a Trojan lightpen system for the Spectrum for those who ordered before the game's release.

You cannot enter commands while graphics are being drawn or sounds are being played. It is, however, unwise to speed up your emulator because some parts of the adventures (when the cursor changes to ! ) give you only a short time to enter a command.

The arcade game is quite boring - you will probably want to get through it once and save a snapshot of the start of each adventure.

The names of the sections according to the loading screens are:


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