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Ghost Castles
Weird Science Software, 2005

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Speccyalista TOP100 helyezés: 85.

Terjesztés: Szabadon
Szerző(k): WSS Team; Mezei Ádám (Edy), Papp György (Pgyuri)
Eredeti ár: Ingyenes

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This is a very fast arcade game. Catch ghosts as many as you can
alone or with your friend together.



Variable for 2 players
UP : Q,Q,P,P

QUIT GAME: Caps Shift and SPACE

Ghost Castles can be controlled using either Sinclair, Cursor or
Kempston controlled joysticks or special G-Tech analog interface.



Ghost Castles

Silence.....long silence......a whisper........a scream..........
a GHOST...........OHHH....NO !.......GHOSTS are EVERYWHERE !

The time has come, the tale has begun. After 20 peaceful years the
ghosts have come back again from their world and entered into yours.
Where can you find them ? Of course at their favourite places, in
the old castles. They want to take back these ancient lands. You are
the last one who remembers the old magic that can stop them. You
have to fight from castle to castle and catch them with your magician
lamp and put them into the wooden chest. If you have a friend you can
teach him and fight the battle against the ghosts together.

Loading instruction (cassette version)
After connecting the tape to ZX-Spectrum, type LOAD ""
(first press J, then twice SYMBOL SHIFT and P simultaneously) and
press ENTER. Start the tape and the game will load automatically.
In case of any kind of loading error rewind the tape and try to load
on lower or higher volume.

Loading instructions (extra ROM cartridge)
Turn off your Spectrum before inserting the cartridge into your
Interface II or other compatible type. Make sure the cartridge is
well in place and turn on your Spectrum. The ROM will check your machine
and load the game in less than 5 seconds.

After loading you can see the menu in front of a castle. Here you can
set up the players' controllers. Just type keys 1 or 2 to change until
you set the correct controller.
You can use various key setups or many joystick types:

KEYBOARD QAOP Q - Up A - Down O - Left P - Right
KEYBOARD PLQW same as in previous scheme
KEYBOARD QAZX same as in previous scheme
KEYBOARD PLNM same as in previous scheme
SINCLAIR 1234 use left plug on Interface II or these keys with previous scheme
SINCLAIR 6789 use right plug on Interface II or these keys with previous scheme
CURSOR 5678 use cursor keys or compatible joystick
KEMPSTON use joystick
G-TECH use analog joystick with G-Tech interface
ZX-SPECTRUM computer player

Choose ZX-Spectrum for 1 and 2 players to enjoy the demonstration mode.
(you have to start the game)

After setup press ENTER to start the game. Then select the number of players.
Press S to play alone or C to play with your friend or computer to help each
other. Here you can change the side of the screen by pressing SPACE.

Moving the lamp is very simple, it moves in 8 directions only. It starts moving
slowly and gets gradually faster. If you always want to stay fast don't release
any keys. Catch the ghost as soon as possible and put it into the chest. If you
are not fast enough the ghost will be free again ! Be careful, don't touch the
other players (in cooperative mode) because your energy will lower very fast.
Sometimes you can catch a small ghost which will give you more power to stay
alive for longer will need it.
In cooperative mode if the chest flashes don't waste your time, take the chest
together or else every ghost will get free again !
If you take all ghosts you can teleport to the next castle. After a long journey
you will save the world again ! Be fast, be careful and be clever...the challenge
is not too easy but achievable !

There is a secret, hidden passage in one of the can you enter ?




This game was the first what used G-Tech analog interface and had a special
ROM version.


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