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Flash Beer Trilogy
Weird Science Software, 2003

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Speccyalista TOP100 helyezés: 54.

Terjesztés: Szabadon
Szerző(k): WSS Team; Mezei Ádám (Edy), Papp György (Pgyuri)
Eredeti ár: Ingyenes

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Flash Beer - The first challenge
Welcome in the first challenge of the Flash Beer!
You like beer very much, but your wife hid all the bottles of beer in your large house.
There are only 44 rooms and if you get though them all, you'll find the way to heaven.
Unfortunately she is cleverer then you though and she has set some guards on to take care of those bottles.
You must avoid all rocks and guards and find the way to your drinks!

Loading instructions:
1. Connect lead to ear socket of Spectrum from ear socket on tape.
2. Set volume level the correct value (not too high).
3. Press J, after press Symbol Shift and P simultaneously twice. LOAD "" will appear on the bottom row. Press Enter.
4. Press play on your tape.
5. Your program will now load. If the program doesn?t load first time,repeat steps but try a different volume settings.

Starting and controlling:
You can use keyboard (Up: Q; Down: A; Left: O; Right: P) or many types of joysticks (Cursor, Sinclair, Kempston) in the game. For the selecting move up or down your man with Q or A keys, stand beside the suitable control and press SPACE to start game.
If you get stuck somewhere by rocks when playing, press SPACE to restart level. (You will lose one life)

Flash Beer 2 - The way of the beer
Welcome to your Birthday Party!
Your friends are throwing a party to celebrate your 30 birthday. They have invited you to a large mansion and prepared a surprise for you. When you enter the hallway you won't see anybody but you?ll see a nice present, a bottle of BEER. To reach the beer isn't too easy because your friends wanted to prevent you from drinking. There are only 44 rooms and if you get through them all, you'll have a fantastic night.
You must avoid all rocks and friends and find the way to your drink!

Flash Beer 3 - Castle of beer
Welcome to the Land of Dreams!
One day you are sleeping soundly and you have a dream. In your dream you are locked in a castle with many bottles of beer. What a nightmare! Every beer is guarded by the ghosts! There are only 13 rooms and if you get throght them all, you'll wake up and the nightmare will end.
You must avoid all rocks and ghosts and find the way to your drink!
The "Loading instructions" and the "Starting and controlling" are same the first episode.
The episodes are following each other on each side of cassette. They are separeted by 5 seconds long silent.


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