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Chinese Juggler
Novotrade Rt. / OCEAN Software Ltd., 1984

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Speccyalista TOP100 helyezés: 196.

Terjesztés: Kereskedelmi forgalomban
Szerző(k): Programozók: Kertész Sándor, Haberland Jenő, Apor György; Zene: Balázs Oszkár
Eredeti ár: 250 Ft

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Position the cassette in your tape recorder with the printed side upwards and make sure that it is rewound to the beginning. Ensure that the connection lead goes from EAR socket on the recorder to the EAR socket on the Spectrum and that the MIC socket is disconnected.

Type LOAD "" (Note there is no space between the two quotes) the " is obtained by pressing SYMBOL SHIFT and P key simultaneously.
For further instructions consult the section on loading in your manual.
Now press PLAY on the recorder. The screen message should appear and the game will load automatically. If this does not happen try adjusting the volume and tone controls until loading takes place. At the end of the loading process follow the screen instructions.


Your turn to be the juggler!

You must get all eight plates to spin simultaneously and to do this requires skill and strategy. Approach the table from one side and by pressing the fire button you can pick up the plate, remember to push the joystick in the direction in which the Juggler is moving. Now approach the rod from the side positioning the Juggler with his feet at the same level as the bottom of the rod and by pressing the fire button
again the plate will begin spinning. Should a plate slow down and begin to wobble the Juggler must be lead back to the rod and rotate the plate to keep it going.

You can also do real juggling tricks like tossing up the plates and catching them, this comes in useful for they change colour at random and the different colours rate different scores. (The best bet is the white plate which has the maximum points and keeps spinning for the longest time).

When you develop real skill you can take the darker plates to the back of the stage and, by pressing the fire button, get rid of them. All eight plates up and spinning gets you to the next, even more difficult, screen.

Good Luck!


On screen scoring shows Hi-score, current score and time elapsed.
Points are awarded for all the tricks performed and are a multiple of the number of plates spinning and the colour of the plate being handled.

There are ten screens of difficulty and bonus points are gained for completion of each level within the time frame.


Caps shift - to quit
D - disable music
E - enable music
B - space - actions on the plate
Q - Up
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right

(C) 1984 Ocean Software Limited.


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